Wednesday, September 15, 2010


the Bob Marley quilt was used by using the "PHOTO-INSPIRED ART QUILTS: From Composition to finished Piece", book.  i took a class from Bisa Butler at a retreat several months ago on this same technique but using different types of fabric to give it a different look.  i just needed the book to give me a little more understanding of what i was doing.  the other technique i use is by Maria Elkins, she has a DVD that she is selling to teach her technique.  you can find her on the Internet.

the Bob Marley is a picture from a t-shirt.  my old t-shirt has bob marley with a black background. but i saw this one in a store and took a picture of it with my phone and enlarge the picture. 

someone asked what type of fusible web i was using and i am still trying to find the right one for me.  i like to use ulltra heat n bond because it give me a sharp smooth cut. but what i don't like about it is, that it makes the quilt very stiff from the fabric layers that i use.  steam n seam give me the feel i want but not the sharpness. so i am still playing with that.  so i hope that i answered every ones questions.  i am a work, still sick and can't wait until lunch timesoi can take a nap.  friday i am taking the day off and going to my cousin's beach house and i hope i can get some rest there.




Judys Fiber Art said...

Thank you for following my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I read your entire blog and followed your progress. I see a real improvement in your skill and style. I have not tried this technique that you are doing and it was very informative. Your last post is really fantastic. I am trying new things also. Did you try using a small amount of gel medium along the edges of your fused pieces. This does help. You can also try MOd Podge. Let it dry before you fuse down.

Carol said...

Thanks for the heads up on Kyra's new book. Was planning to get it my next trip to the book store.
You know she mentions the guild that I founded in her "Black Threads" book. We're San Diego People of Color Quilt Guild.

Lynne said...

I am an art quilter who has been on a long search for the right fusible, and the only one I've come across that I like is Misty Fuse. Easy to work with and control. Good luck.