Saturday, January 28, 2012

it's finish

 it is finally finish.  it is call, "is this sandyalice?" this quilt looks like a coworker.  after i showed it to to a couple of people at work some of them did think that it looked like sandy.  sandy said she was honored that i thought the quilt look like her.  she thinks it look better than her.  so now i am going to try to find someone else make.  before this creative energy leaves me again.

stitches for now


Saturday, January 21, 2012

long time

it has been a long time since i have blog. i have been kind of busy.  and my creativity have not been going to good.  i have tried several time to do a portrait quilt and the faces were not coming out to good.  i was trying to use application from the ipad to  make my portrait quilt and it was not coming out like i wanted it to.  even when i went back to photoshop element on my laptop, i was still having problems getting portraits the way i wanted.   but i think this one is coming out ok.  i was trying to do my friends picture of her son and a coworkers picture and i was having problems.  so i gave up on them.  and just took a break from it for a while.  it takes me longer to get the picture the way i want it to break down into different shades.  i am having problem with breaking down the different shading in the face to help me make it into a quilt.  if anyone knows of an application with ipad that is very much like photoshop element please let me know.    there are a few things that i still have to use my laptop for, like doing my portrait quilts...  i am getting use to the ipad and i want to try to use that more because it much lighter than the laptop.  here is a picture of what i have started so far.  it is not complete but here is what i have done so far.  i found the face off the internet. but guess what it still does not lot the original picture.  but i like it any way.  
i hope you like what i have done so far.

if you have time please check my friend felicia's blog.  she is new to blogging but she has a lot to say.  her blog is  if you have very been on a quilt treat with her you never know what she will do or say.  the girl is a lot of fun and crazy on retreat so lets see what she can do with a blog. 

stitches for now.