Wednesday, May 30, 2012

i am back

well, i am back, new glasses, i have lost 26 1/2 pounds in 16 weeks.  for some reason my body does not want me to loose no more than 24 pounds for some reason.  but i finally got pass that 24 pound weight lose.  my health is doing good.  weight watcher is not that bad, i like it.  i am now on one medication and i truly believe that all that medication was making my vision go crazy.  so my quilting friends, i am backing to quilting.  i am doing a traditional quilt challenge and that crap is driving me crazy.  i do not know if it will be completed by June 16th.  wish me luck.  to all of you who do and love traditional quilting, i love you but that is not for me. i said that before i truly know that is not for me.  i am going back to my art quilting and portrait quilting. in traditional quilting, i can not getting those corner to match to save my life.  once i got the hang of it and decide to look at what i did the stupid block pieces were not matched up. they were going all kinds of ways.  so right now that is thrown into the corner until i can get myself to take the stupid pieces a loose and start all over.  right now i am working on a well know singer, who i will not tell you who she is until i finish.  right now i am having some real problems with her hair.  i am thinking about just making her hair black and forget about the highlights in her hair.
here are a few pictures of what i have done so far. 

once i get the hair right, i will show and tell you who she is if you have not guess yet.
if any body has a nice picture of Chuck Brown can you send it to me.  i might try him next.