Monday, November 14, 2011


the holiday's are coming and every year i make gifts for my family and quilting friends.  since i have been doing zentangle, i have decided to do some zentangle on fabric, bags and cards.    i have been working on a lady that i have been drawing on fabric.  this will  be made into a quilt.  it will be call  Ms. Zen, i really like how it looks.  i might make this a red and white quilt.  i am also zentangling on bags and i am still trying to decide if i am going to keep making them for my family.  i am also doing a little knitting. so with all these projects going on somebody will at least get something from me.  i am zentangle on cards and drawing names on the cards.  the grand kids and a couple of nieces will get gift cards from me.  and a couple of x-box games for the boys. my back and knees are still giving me problems so no shopping in the malls.

here are some pictures of what i have been doing.  still working on the lady, here are a few cards that i have been making for my quilting friends.  most of the time i usually make quilt related item for my quilting friends.  the bags are for some of my cousins and one for a friends birthday present.    i know thanksgiving is not here yet and i am talking about gift making.  i like to start early, don't want to feel rush. 

stitches until next time.