Tuesday, April 19, 2011

harder and harder

for some reason these portrait are getting harder and harder for me to do.  i have to look at the picture for hours, before i can work on it.  i still have problems with the skin tones.  i am using photoshop element to break down the picture.  there are people who are just tracing the picture and getting the same results.  that is the way i want to do my portrait. instead of playing with the computer to get what i want.  i just order a book by aniko feher who makes portrait quilts.  i hope this book will help me out, because i don't like the fact that it takes me days to get one portrait made.  the other techique only took me a couple of hours to do.the prince portrait took me two months to do.  i don't like working on things to long, i get bore and throw it in the corner somewhere.

check out what i have done so far.  i will quilt it tonight.

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Friday, April 8, 2011


about a couple of years ago i tried my hands at doodling on fabric.  i always doodle on paper. now i am finding out that they call this technique ZENTANGLE.  i love doing this.  it is so relaxing.  right now i am trying to make a collection of these and i plan to transfer these drawing onto fabric blocks. if only i had kept the one i did long time ago.  i would tangle and then throw them away.  i am now keeping them in a journal.  if you recall i did an zentangle of a lady on fabric about a year ago.  i have been trying to figure out what to do with her.  so i decided to do a few zentangles and add it to the quilt.the first zentangle is a challenge piece call mooka.  i am in a zentangle challenge of the week on another blog.  so check out what i have done so far and i hope you like it.  

check with me later i am working on a oprah winfrey portrait.  i will post it when it is completed.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

red and white exhabit

well, i went to ny to see the red and white quilt exhibit.  i was just blown away.  about 20 quilters, rented a charted bus to take us to the exhibit.  we also stopped at the city quilters quilt shop. it was a cold day, but a great day seeing the quilts.  the reason why some of us went was because we wanted to see the quilts to give us an idea on what we can make for the red and white challenge that we are in.  although all of these quilts are solid red and white, some of us, that are in the challenge will be using polka dots, stripe anything that is red and white.  i can not wait to see what we come up with.  we have until december to complete our quilts.  we are going to try to find a place to display our quilts in december. i have tried twice on working with these two colors and it is hard for me.  i am not use to working with just two color and it is not a portrait.  wish me luck that i come up with something.

stitches for now,