Thursday, July 29, 2010

taking a class trying new things

i did this piece several weeks ago. it is suppose to be my younger cousin.  it is alright but i don't like the way i did his mouth.  i will try another one later.  i am taking a basic quilting class for machine quilting.  my friends are asking me why am i taking this class.  they feel that i don't need to take this class.  all of the portraits that i have made, the quilting is either straight down, across or to the side.
now don't laugh at me, because my friends were, because i told them that i have learned how to stitch in the ditch.  i am not lying, i did not know what that was. i want to learn how to do fancy quilting.  all i can do is stippling and circles and lines.   i know i have a long way to go. i am scared to death to do the feather stitch.  they were asking why is the quilting college student going back to quilting 101.  if you really want to know i never took a quilting.  i just did my own thing until i started to the portrais.  the instructor was also talking about squaring your quilt and what kind of batting to use. i nver sqared my quilt, i can say i am using the right kind of batting.   class is tomorrow and i can't wait. 
i am also trying to teach myself another technique in portrait quilting.  now this one is going to take sometime for me to get this technique down to my liking.  that is why i am not showing any pictures for this technique.  i really need to find a color viewer to help me to pick out the fabric for this technique.  because i keep messing up. by me using my own eyes to distinguish the difference in skin tone colors.  i have faith that i going to do this.  so once i get this, i will show pictures later.