Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i am doing a challenge quilt and the challenge word is PUZZLE. while working on my puzzle piece i realize that my other projects that i am working on is a puzzle. quilt making is a puzzle. you are putting the pieces together like a puzzle to make a quilt. i can not show my challenge piece yet and it looks nothing like this one. am showing this one because i am still working on my portrait series. i am trying to make a 100 portraits and so far i am on number 48. working on these pieces are like putting a puzzle together. the funny thing is that i have alway love putting puzzles together. guess that is why i like to make these faces. i am putting these pieces together just so that i can see how they are going to look in the end. just like when i am putting a puzzle together. i love doing the mystery puzzle and solving the mystery. CHECK ME OUT NEXT WEEK WHEN I WILL SHOW MY CHALLENGE QUILT. it has nothing to do with this piece, it is very very simple.

stitches for now


Monday, February 8, 2010

in the blizzard of 2010

in the dc area we have been snowed in for 4 day and they are talking about more snow tomorrow. so i have been making faces, louis armstrong, billie holiday, etta james and nat king cole. i am trying to make a series of jazz and blues personalities. i am running out of fusible web so i guess i have to find something else to do while i am snowed in. i never thought that i would get tire of looking at tv, but i am. i might try and see how this will work out if i try to use fabric glue. wish me luck. i love louis armstrong and nat king cole, but i don't like the look of etta's face on the left side and i should have used a older picture of billie, because if it wasn't for the flower i don't know if anyone would know who she was. i think i do men portrait better than the woman portrait. i just need to take it a little slower for now on when i am making these.
i have been working on other things before the snow. my quilt challenge piece is finished, the challenge word is PUZZLE, sorry i can not show it until the end of the month. this month is heart disease month and i made a quilt for my job to hang up in the office. they did a little something in the office friday for heart disease month and i was not their because i had to go to the doctor because, guess what i am having problems with my heart. enough said about that. and i was asked to teach the portrait technique and i am trying to figure out how i can teach this. it's easy but students would need a computer and a printer. i am going to figure out how to teach this.