Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Tuesday, December 9, 2008

lot to do

i have alot to do. so if you are coming in don't stay long. and oh i have the FLU, yes, i said the FLU. so if you get sick for just stick your head in don't blame me. i am trying to finish my obama quilt and my body is just not letting me do that. all i want to do is sleep. my head is so clogged up and my ears are stopped up. i went to the doctor friday and all she said was to drink lot of fluids and rest. what the heck do she think i have been doing for the whole pass week. someone told me to try and take a few vitamin c pills and i kind of think they are helping. i going to take two more tonight and see how i feel tomorrow.

before i got sick, i had emailed a few quilting friends in my quilting guild to ask them if they wanted to do a holiday card swap at our holiday xmas party. we would exchange quilted postcards at the party. only four responded, but crazy me decided to make cards for everyone that i asked,. someone must have told another friend that was not on my list if they could join in, which is ok with me, that was friday. and today two more that were on my list ask if it was to late to join. which it is. i told them that i was making them one and that they could call the other people and ask them. i am not asking, i am still sick. this FLU must be making me think that i am superwoman and that i can make postcard for the entire guild. i have until december 20th to make as many cards as i can. i can only try.

here are a some pictures of some of the cards.

oh, i forgot one of my swap friend's wanted a obama card. so that is why their is a obama card. also, people are hearing about this swap and now someone wants me to put together a sway for black history. i will see how i feel after this swap and card making.

i am getting sleepy, feeling hot and my vision is not clear, so check me later.