Sunday, November 18, 2012

long time

well it has been a long time since i was here.  for some reason i have been doing more knitting this year and little quilting.   right now i am making gifts for the holiday some are knitted items and somethings are for my quilting and sewing friends.  check out what some of them will be getting this holiday.  
it is a manniquin pin cushions i hope they like it.  i have to go now i am trying to make a portrait quilt for someone.


Monday, June 11, 2012

here's whitney

the hair drove me crazy.  i hope you like it



Wednesday, May 30, 2012

i am back

well, i am back, new glasses, i have lost 26 1/2 pounds in 16 weeks.  for some reason my body does not want me to loose no more than 24 pounds for some reason.  but i finally got pass that 24 pound weight lose.  my health is doing good.  weight watcher is not that bad, i like it.  i am now on one medication and i truly believe that all that medication was making my vision go crazy.  so my quilting friends, i am backing to quilting.  i am doing a traditional quilt challenge and that crap is driving me crazy.  i do not know if it will be completed by June 16th.  wish me luck.  to all of you who do and love traditional quilting, i love you but that is not for me. i said that before i truly know that is not for me.  i am going back to my art quilting and portrait quilting. in traditional quilting, i can not getting those corner to match to save my life.  once i got the hang of it and decide to look at what i did the stupid block pieces were not matched up. they were going all kinds of ways.  so right now that is thrown into the corner until i can get myself to take the stupid pieces a loose and start all over.  right now i am working on a well know singer, who i will not tell you who she is until i finish.  right now i am having some real problems with her hair.  i am thinking about just making her hair black and forget about the highlights in her hair.
here are a few pictures of what i have done so far. 

once i get the hair right, i will show and tell you who she is if you have not guess yet.
if any body has a nice picture of Chuck Brown can you send it to me.  i might try him next.



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why I am not quilting

Hello quilting family.
My vision is giving me problems. I have tried several times to do a portrait and have messed up beautiful fabric. I am having problems reading anything, even when I put on glasses. So I am getting my eyes check this coming Monday. I am really here to tell you to please keep in close contact with your doctor when you are going on a diet. I started a diet in January and I am doing every well with the weight loss problem. I have talked with my doctor and a nutrientionist. Here is the problem, I pass out at work this pass Friday. Once I got to the hospital they thought that I was having a stroke. My pressure was going up and down so they treated me as a stroke patient, because of other things that was going. I saw my doctor yesterday and she believe that because I am lossing weight that my body was having a reaction to the medications that I was taking. Right now I am only on one medication, which is for my blood pressure. And she is running test on me just to check to see if anything else comes up. So my advise is to just check in on your doctor once in a while, while you are on a diet. Because while you are losing the weight and getting healthy your medication has to be change.

This is just a little something for you to think about.

To the ladies in Virginia, you know who you are I was look at may to meet, but I think I will push it to june. I will call you.

Stitches for now


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

red and white, too

check out felicia's blog at she has posted pictures of some of the red and white quilts exhabit.

Friday, February 3, 2012


red and white,too  
artist reception & gallery talk
saturday february 11, 1 to 4pm.
off-rhode studio/ art enables
2204 rhode island ave, ne

click the link and see a 3D presentation of the exhibit.
i have 3 pieces in this exhabit.

stitches, would to see you there.

ps i will download picture of the event after the 11th reception. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

it's finish

 it is finally finish.  it is call, "is this sandyalice?" this quilt looks like a coworker.  after i showed it to to a couple of people at work some of them did think that it looked like sandy.  sandy said she was honored that i thought the quilt look like her.  she thinks it look better than her.  so now i am going to try to find someone else make.  before this creative energy leaves me again.

stitches for now


Saturday, January 21, 2012

long time

it has been a long time since i have blog. i have been kind of busy.  and my creativity have not been going to good.  i have tried several time to do a portrait quilt and the faces were not coming out to good.  i was trying to use application from the ipad to  make my portrait quilt and it was not coming out like i wanted it to.  even when i went back to photoshop element on my laptop, i was still having problems getting portraits the way i wanted.   but i think this one is coming out ok.  i was trying to do my friends picture of her son and a coworkers picture and i was having problems.  so i gave up on them.  and just took a break from it for a while.  it takes me longer to get the picture the way i want it to break down into different shades.  i am having problem with breaking down the different shading in the face to help me make it into a quilt.  if anyone knows of an application with ipad that is very much like photoshop element please let me know.    there are a few things that i still have to use my laptop for, like doing my portrait quilts...  i am getting use to the ipad and i want to try to use that more because it much lighter than the laptop.  here is a picture of what i have started so far.  it is not complete but here is what i have done so far.  i found the face off the internet. but guess what it still does not lot the original picture.  but i like it any way.  
i hope you like what i have done so far.

if you have time please check my friend felicia's blog.  she is new to blogging but she has a lot to say.  her blog is  if you have very been on a quilt treat with her you never know what she will do or say.  the girl is a lot of fun and crazy on retreat so lets see what she can do with a blog. 

stitches for now.