Thursday, November 4, 2010


I volunteer to help my niece make these lovely scarfs and i am dreaming about these these.  she is going to be selling these at Sister's Only event in dc at the convention center this Saturday November 6.  making these have taken all my time to the point where i have not done any quilting.  i love my niece, but right now my shoulders are starting to hurt and i have not finish this second pile that she has given me.  and to top it off i have started knitting again, just because i don't have any hand work to do.  i brought this cute little headband that can keep your ears warm and you can also wear it to keep your neck warm also.  i decided that i could make some more instead of  buying a hand full of them.  i am working on this while i ride to and from work on the bus. it takes my mind off all those scarves that i have to make when i get home.   i found a free pattern on the Internet.  it didn't have a flower on the side like the one i brought.  i will add the flower to it.  i will be glad when saturday is over so that i can get back to my quilting.  i have a lot to do.  i have a few challenge quilts that i need to complete. i will keep my mouth shut about helping someone with something like this. it is a whole lot different from quilting.  quilting relaxes me, but doing this is just a lot a stress on me. saturday please hurry up and get here.

stitches for now.

oh and one more thing if you happen to be a the sister's only event stop by and say hi!