Tuesday, January 27, 2009


the postcard workshop went very well. i have been asked to give another postcard workshop at the guild that i go to. this first workshop has showed me things that i need to change and improve in to give a better workshop. i am going to make notecard to help me when i do another workshop. we had great fun making the cards and i was told that i did very well explaining how to make the cards.

as i promise myself, i have started working on the quilt that i was to have started months ago. well, it is finally looking pretty good. it is a story quilt, something that i have never done. during the inauguration week i worked on this quilt and looked at the inauguration on the tv and sewed all day. i also worked on a stained glass quilt of president obama. one of my quilting friends email me a free pattern of a stained glass pattern of president obama. she felt that i could make it into a quilt so i tried it. also here is the website if you want to try to make it yourself. http://chantal-stainedglasspatterns.com/2barack-obama.html they also have other free stain glass patterns. during this time i also worked on other quilts. those four days off, just rolled along so smoothly for me, my creativity was just rolling along and i better take all of this creativity and keep these fingers going. so check out my work.

stitches for now


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HELLO 2009

2009 is here and i already have too much to do in the next few months. the obama quilt is finish and it will be shown at the Miller Senate Office Building, 11 bladen street, annapolis, maryland. the building is open monday - friday(excluding holidays) from 9-5. the exhabit is through february 28, 2009. this is the Uhuru Quilters Guild presenting an american sampler, an exhibit of quilts celebrating patriotism, inauguration, and african american history on the third floor gallery.

sunday january 11th was the opening of the Quilts for Obama exhibit, at the historical society of washington, dc. 801 k street, nw, until january 31, 2009. some of the artist are marlene o'bryant, donnette cooper, sew chick elle, roland freeman, carolyn mazloomi, laura gadson, and sonja just to name a few. also Michelle obama family quilts are also on display at this exhibit. i truly enjoyed this exhabit. there is also an exhibit in silver spring, maryland, called President Obama: A celebration in Art Quilts: and will take place february 9- march 5, 2009 at the cafritz art center, 150 king street, silver spring, maryland (just outside washington, dc). this is the one i wanted to try to get in, but i was sick with the flu and had the wrong info about entering, so i just went and put mine into my guild exhibit. if you are in the dc area check it out.

this month i was also drafted into teaching a class on making fabric postcards. i don't know a thing about teaching a class, this will be the 24th of this month. i am trying to go to all of the exhibits to inspire me to get started on two quilts that i need to be completed by the end of april. i have bits and pieces on my design wall, but my brain just won't let me put these quilts together the way i want. i will try at it and then don't like it. i have started one quilt three times and just can't get it. i see now that i hate for someone to give me a topic or subject on a quilt to do, because i see that i just don't work that way. i have to feel it and when i feel it, i can in vision on how to do it and do it. it is just not happening right now, and they have given me a whole year to do this. one of the quilts is require of me to have completed to participate in a retreat in april. the other one i can push until june, this is not me. i am not like this, most of the time i am either the first or second person completing a challenge that was request of me. but this challenge is killing me. when i see the person that gave me this challenge, i say hi to her and then i say i hate you and she just laugh. and tell me that she know that i am going to produce something wonderful. yeah right, if she only knew. i am looking at this stupid design wall now and just want to throw this mess away and hide. believe it or not i am working on a piece right now for the retreat, sorry i can't show it, but is pretty nice looking. if only its could have been for the challenge, but it is not. ok, i feel stress out and i am going to stop looking at this stupid design wall and try to work on it this weekend.

i still have a few more things to do but i will talk about that another time.

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