Tuesday, January 27, 2009


the postcard workshop went very well. i have been asked to give another postcard workshop at the guild that i go to. this first workshop has showed me things that i need to change and improve in to give a better workshop. i am going to make notecard to help me when i do another workshop. we had great fun making the cards and i was told that i did very well explaining how to make the cards.

as i promise myself, i have started working on the quilt that i was to have started months ago. well, it is finally looking pretty good. it is a story quilt, something that i have never done. during the inauguration week i worked on this quilt and looked at the inauguration on the tv and sewed all day. i also worked on a stained glass quilt of president obama. one of my quilting friends email me a free pattern of a stained glass pattern of president obama. she felt that i could make it into a quilt so i tried it. also here is the website if you want to try to make it yourself. http://chantal-stainedglasspatterns.com/2barack-obama.html they also have other free stain glass patterns. during this time i also worked on other quilts. those four days off, just rolled along so smoothly for me, my creativity was just rolling along and i better take all of this creativity and keep these fingers going. so check out my work.

stitches for now


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Karoda said...

ah, a story quilt...i've never tried one either and don't know that one will be in my future anytime soon...

you're off to a grea start with yours!