Sunday, February 15, 2009


about a year ago one of my sister friends in a quilting group on yahoo, stated that we should keep records of our quilts. that we should put our quilts in a book and send it to the library of congress for copyright purposes. i was using the book called quilt register where you tape or glue picture of your quilts in the book and write information about your quilt. i was doing that for a year and i also kept a journal of my quilts on my computer with pictures of the quilts. two weeks ago while i was working on one of my quilts, i showed someone my quilt register book. pictures were falling out of my register quilt book. she suggested that i make a quilt book. that way pictures would not fall out of a printed book with my quilts. she stated that her son made a book from pictures of her wedding annversary. she showed me the book and i liked what he did, so i tried it out. and i am very please with what i made. their are a couple of family members who want to buy it. the site that i use does not give you the option to sell your book and make a profit. you can buy it from their site. but another site that i tried does give you this option, i just did not like their template. it was hard to work with, it does print in the book that you are the copyright person to the book and its pictures. the site that i use did not print this in my book. so i do feel that i still have to have my work register for copyright. i will have to check out how i can sell this book if i get a great demand from family and friends. i really was not trying to sell this book, i only just wanted to have a record of my quilts. i feel that there should be some type of record, to show that someone made this quilt or that quilt. i feel that a 100 years from now if i am not a famous quilter at least someone will know that i made these quilts because i have it documented in a book or a couple of books. their will be other books as i make more quilts.
check out a couple of pages in the book.

on the back of the book it say:
'this is not the end this is only the beginning