Tuesday, May 25, 2010

which one

i found a photo several months ago that i really wanted to try and make and this is it. i got permission from the photographer to use his photo. i feel that i could have done better. i don't like the face. my favorite is still lawrence fishburne and whoopi goldberg. this picture is 17" x 22". i enjoyed this challenge for myself. i don't care about trying to do 100 portraits any more. my challenge is to just challenge myself to do more and better. i know as i do more there are going to me times when i am going to ask myself which one do i like best. first, it was my grandson, toni morrison, whoopi goldberg, michael jackson, lawrence fishburne and now this one. but i must tell you my favorite is still lawrence fishburne. so enjoy.
and stitches for now

Thursday, May 20, 2010


someone asked if i was having withdrawals without having a sewing machine. i would say h--- yes. i rearrange my sewing room twice and it is still junky. the more i moved stuff the junkier the room got. i think my husband and son brought the sewing machine for me because they were afraid i was going have them move furniture around in the house. i was move stuff when they weren't home. my husband was afraid that i would hurt myself. i looked at those portraits hang on my wall for weeks without being quilted. i was buying fabric and still didn't know what to do it. this is how i got the new sewing machine. i took hubby with me when i was buying fabric, most of the time he would sit in the car and wait. but one day while i was buying fabric, my husband came in the shop and was looking at some of the sewing machine. when we were leaving the shop i asked if he was going to buy one.(joking with him) so a couple days later after i had moved furniture around in the house, moved plants, washed all the cloths and i was just sitting think of what to do next, he asked what was wrong and i told him that i needed a sewing machine. he said go get one. i was going to take a loan to get one but my husband and son brought one for me. he told me that i was not going to drive him crazy. and guess what i still have not gotten my Kenmore or jenome back. they call and said that the person who repair the sewing machine is out. so i am just waiting.



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

old and new sewing machine

ok, i forgot to tell you that my old faithful Kenmore die on me at the quilting retreat. and a friend let me use their babylock. so for a whole month i have not had a sewing machine to use. just to let you know i have three sewing machines. the Jerome died before i went on the retreat and the embroidery machine, well let's just say that i am scared to death of it. and yes, it is just sitting there looking at me. so now both of the machines are in the shop. i just love my old Kenmore. why oh why did she die on me at a time when i needed her. but guess what i got a babylock quest plus for mother's day. my husband and son brought it for me. i was playing with it yesterday and having a ball. during the whole month that i didn't have a sewing machine to use, i did three more portraits, finish the top of one the quilts that i did at the retreat. and did a little hand quilting. i haven't hand appliqued in two years and i realize you really have to take time in doing this. one of the portrait's i did i didn't like the outcome of it, so i will be doing that one over. and the other two came out nice . i really like the one of my daughter and her husband. i want to do one of my aunt to give to her at out family reunion next month, but no one has sent me a picture of her yet.
i have a pictures that i have in mind to do, but i need permission from the photographer to use his picture. i am hoping that he give me permission. it is a picture of a nude black man. (all in good taste) and i also want to do fabric portrait of black men. that will be my next series of portrait to reach my gold of doing a hundred portraits. i will be taking alot of pictures at the reunion and pictures of men in general, men that i know. wish me luck.

check out what i have been working on,
and stitches for now.


PS: the flower and the last picture were the things that i did at the retreat.
and i still love my kenmore.