Thursday, May 20, 2010


someone asked if i was having withdrawals without having a sewing machine. i would say h--- yes. i rearrange my sewing room twice and it is still junky. the more i moved stuff the junkier the room got. i think my husband and son brought the sewing machine for me because they were afraid i was going have them move furniture around in the house. i was move stuff when they weren't home. my husband was afraid that i would hurt myself. i looked at those portraits hang on my wall for weeks without being quilted. i was buying fabric and still didn't know what to do it. this is how i got the new sewing machine. i took hubby with me when i was buying fabric, most of the time he would sit in the car and wait. but one day while i was buying fabric, my husband came in the shop and was looking at some of the sewing machine. when we were leaving the shop i asked if he was going to buy one.(joking with him) so a couple days later after i had moved furniture around in the house, moved plants, washed all the cloths and i was just sitting think of what to do next, he asked what was wrong and i told him that i needed a sewing machine. he said go get one. i was going to take a loan to get one but my husband and son brought one for me. he told me that i was not going to drive him crazy. and guess what i still have not gotten my Kenmore or jenome back. they call and said that the person who repair the sewing machine is out. so i am just waiting.




Lynn said...

Well good to know you are back in business...of sewing!!!!
Enjoy that new machine. Is it fancier than the other ones in the shop? Was he able to be generous that way or did you just get something functional to get you by?
Anyway you look at it you came up on top, like cream on a latte!
I see your quilts on your video while writing this and I just love them all so much. You are quite the artiste!

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

A back up machine is a sanity -saver. Are you dealing with AZ Vac? I put my machine in the shop and I haven't heard a word. Thank goodness for Priscilla (my back up)

yetunde said...

sears have both of my machines. if i don't hear from them by friday i am calling.


Now might be a good time to check out FABRIC EMBELLISHING by Ruth Chandler, a book with over 50 embellishing techniques( most requiring hand sewing). It's a really good book that guides you and inspired me to try new things. Just a thought

Karoda said...

i have 2 main one and my little jem...when i see one going for cheap on craigslist, i think i should get it for that "just in case".

i love how well the human form turned out in the quilt above. keep on stitching!