Thursday, September 15, 2011

back problem

hello blog family, i have been having some serious back problems and have not been able to quilt. i have been having problems with my back and i tried to not think about it.  but one day while i was teaching a class my back started hurting.  that next day i could not get up and walk.  so i went to urgent care.  i have sciatica (?) and they want to do some more test to check out something else. the pain is no joke.  when i think i am doing ok, i have a re lap and have to get back in bed.  i have been doing some hand sewing on a few things.  i made a quilt for a mother who lost her son by a drive by shooting.  her son was suppose to have taken my granddaughter to her junior prom.  he was my granddaugher's cousin and her best friend.  someone asked me to make a quilt for his mother.  when my back went out i had to finish it by hand.  i am also  working on my red and white quilt challenge that is due to be completed by december.  i was also working on one that i was beng made  by machine sewing that i can not finish because my back is still hurting.  so i started another red and white quilt that i am doing by hand.  and i loving it.  sorry i can not show it until december.  my friend pat sent me a get well card and i just love.  pat is always thinking about me.  she always keep me smiling.  now let me tell you what the card said.    here goes, "I HEARD YOUR WHATCHAMACALLIT GOT ALL OUT OF WHACK AND DISCOMBOBULATED IT'S A GOOD THING THEY HAVE THOSE THINGAMABOBS TO FIX YOUR DOOHICKEY.  IN OTHER WORD, GET WELL SOON."  when i read it i had to smile.  that's my sistah friend.  reading that made the pain less painful for a while. 

well blog family i was just letting you know why i have not blogged in a while. i guess i will do some zentangle and some more hand quilting.

stitches for now.