Monday, March 21, 2011

out with the old and in the new

my first very large quilt was a guilt that i made for my bed.  and it was my first appliqued quilt with the paper in the inside. i had to cut little holes to take out the paper.  applique has come along way for me,  no more paper, thank god.  that quilt has proteted me and kept me warm.  when i made this quilt i did not know what the heck i was doing.  i had no pattern, just a picture and i was making changes to that.  during the time that i was making this quilt i thought about my grandmother. how i would watch her make a quilt, with her friends.  but i realize that none of them were teaching any of their children, or grandchildren how to quilt.  i always felt a closness to my grandmother.  she was seen as the mother in her community, people would come to her for advise. so as i worked on this quilt, i remember feeling like she was quilding me in how to make this quilt.  her spirit was telling me what to do and to who to go to if i didn't know how to do something when i was working on this quilt.  i always thought that quilt shops sold only quilts and not fabric.  i never took a  class for quilting.  i read a few books, but i was the type of person that can look at something and go home and make.  i would always do that when i saw a sweater that i like.  i would look at that sweater and go home and make it.  and that is what i did with this quilt.
 now that i have been quilting for several years and my daugther does not have a interest in quilting, i have notice that my granddaughter seem to be interested in alot of things that i do.  a couple of years ago i taught her how to hand quilt. and that seem to be to slow for her and my patience with her was very shot.  but as soon as i showed her what to do on a sewing machine she was hooked.  now that she is 14, a couple of months ago she has joined our jr quilters at the guild that i go to.  she just turned 14 on the 15th a couple of days ago, and i was thinking about giving her one of my sewing machines.  her little brothers are still running in and out  of her room and i just don't feel it is safe right now for her to have a sewing machine at her home right now.  i will just keep it here for now.

the title for this post is call out with the old and in with the new. the quilt that i have been writing about is old and has been laid to rest.  not thrown away.   it is somewhere in a box, somewhere in this house.

now let me show you the new. the new quilt that will be laid on my bed.