Wednesday, June 29, 2011

quilt challenge

this is a art painting,that my friend linda over at eat, sleep, quilt blog has asked me to do a quilt challenge with her.  this is the painting that we are going to use.  she is doing the same challenge with a group of quilter's on another blog.  so check out her blog for more details about the challenge.  so i said ok.  the challenge is to take an art painting and make a quilt using only SOLID COLORS.  REPEAT SOLID COLORS. i am thinking ok this is easy. you can change the art work to your interpretation of the art work. but it must be solid colors.  my problem is that i only have in my solid stash fabric, is black, red, and a small piece of white.and two or three brown tones, what the heck can a sistah do with that.  we are not suppose to buy any fabric, but use what you have.  my stash color is ugly, you hear me, ugly.  so i am going to take myself to a quilt shop and buy myself some solid fabric.  now if this challenge was about using prints, african fabric, batiks anything but solids, i would not have to go to a quilt shop. solid fabric is not really my thing.  now if it is batik, solid black, know problem.  hey, a sistah like me will buy the whole bulk of michael miller black.  black is my favorite choice of fabric.  so just to let you know there will be some black in this piece.  and the challenge is due the first of august.  i will post how it is coming along until the first of august when i will give it to linda.

stitches for now


Monday, June 20, 2011


thank you all for your comments, i do read them.  sherise, i do have marilyn belford book and i do use her technique.  my problem is this technique takes longer to do vs the other technique that i do.  i just have to realize if i want it to be right i just have to take my time. whether i can finish it in a couple of hours or a couple of day.  i just want it to look right.  now for the person who left a comment and know my creative history.  why aren't you telling me who you truly are.  i have a idea who you are call me. i use to crochet and knit hats with people name or crazy design on them with funny shapes.  a few local well know singers would request hats from me.  i would also go into stores look at a sweater, go home and make that same sweater.  that is another time another day.  quilting is my passion now.  i truly started have problems with my hands. 

community day went great, no rain.  the motown quilt challenge was fun.  i could only name a few of the song and some of them i just didn't know what the name of the song.  my motown song quilt was "tears of a clown".  and it tied for first place for the peoples choice award.  we also gave two movie ticket to the person who could guess the name of the song to the quilts.  out of 16 motown quilts, two people got 11 songs right.  we also hung other quilts other than the motown quilts.  

here are a few picture of that day.  tears of a clown, wee bee quilters, (i am the one holding quilt), my newest piece as of now. and my t-shirt quilt.  i had 12 pieces hanging up that day.

we had a great time

stitches for now.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

computer problems and been busy

i am back, i have been very busy.  and have been having computer problems.  i have been working on a couple of quilts to send to some children in africa.  no pictures because pictures were lost.  i have finally finished a quilt that i am working on that will be on display for community day at michigan park rec center on june 18th. the quilt theme is motown.  we are to make a quilt base on a motown song.  i can not wait to see what everyone else has made.  sorry folks, i can't show this quilt until after june 18th.  i am  also working on a red and white quilt challenge and that is driving me crazy.  i have tried several time to come up with an idea for a red and white quilt.  this red and white is not my favorite  color.  this is due in december.  so i still have time to come up with something.  i am still doing zentangle and here is a picture of my zentangle quilt.  i plan to finish this by next week.  i came in first place to call bingo on a zentangle group site.  two other women also won.  i am suppose to get the super prize it is suppose to be deliver next we.  it will be zentangle items.

stitches for now


if you are in dc stop by michigan park on the 18th, free food, games, bingo, moon bounce and quilts hanging on clothes line a beautiful site to see.     and didn't say it is free.