Thursday, June 26, 2008

challenge quilts

Saturday was fun at the community rec center. The quilts looked gorgeous hanging on the clothes lines. The quilts challenge went great. Gwen won the peoples choice for the challenge quilt. Among our quilt group, we all had to guess who made what quilt. Gwen’s quilt had thousands of bead work on her quilt. So we all new it was her quilt with the bead work, since she likes to do bead work. People seem to know,my work and Gwen’s work. We have a style that everyone knows.

I had a few people thinking that I made the quilt with the lady, because there were a lot of hand work done on this piece and they knew that most of the time I like to do hand work vs machine work. my quilt is the one in the middle. people also thought that the quilt on the other side might be mine also. but everyone did pick mine as being my quilt. we also did a block exchange and only three of us completed our block exchange quilt. we exchange dress blocks. with my quilt i added shoes to the quilt.

here we have gwen's, charlene and my quilt hanging so beautifully.

i love these dresses, i just wish everyone had finished their dresses. just the fact that i know they are all going to be different, i can't wait to see the rest of the dresses when they are finish. here are a few pictures of some of the challenge quilts.

here are some of 2006 and 2007 challenge quilts that we also showed this weekend.

it was a fun day.

Monday, June 16, 2008

enough is enough

i was reading another blog, and the quilter stated when is enough, enough. she stated that she had made a quilt a couple of years ago and it was missing something. and she kept playing with it for a couple of years. i like her final outcome. well i did the same thing and i still don't like it.
the back ground fabric was hand quilted with a sun and a hut. but it seem to me that was not enough. so i started coloring the hut and the sun. but no i has to go and add another hut and hundreds of beads to the sun and the huts. that still wasn't enough for me to stop and say enough is enough. i marked the ground area with color pencils to make it look like dirt and dry grass. it is a total mess. i totally hate it now. i am trying to think of somehow to fix this. the bead work is ok but i don't like the body of the huts. i should have applique the huts. someone asked to buy it and me like a dummy said i wasn't finish yet. it should have been enough and sold. i am trying to think of a way to put real dirt on this piece for the ground area and just leave the huts alone.
but for right now i am going to just leave this piece alone. i have told myself that i am going to finish everything that i start this years. this is what i am pushing myself to do this year.
i finished the piece with the girl in the orange dress. the family reunion is thrown to the side again. i am just not feeling that piece. my challenge piece is finish. i will post that hopefully friday or saturday. the space alien brothers piece is almost complete. the only problem is, i need is to get some heat in my sewing room. the air conditioner has that room freezing cold. my bones are killing me. the weather is hot as hell outside, but my husband is freezing me up in this house. i am sewing in the sun room, sewing by hand. just so that i can get some heat on this old body. i will try in a couple of days to go backing to my sewing room. so enough is enough.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

journal quilts

someone ask to see the 2006 and 2007 Journal Quilts. these are quilt pieces that i entered into the Journal Quilt Project for the international quilt festival. the 2006 journal quilt project consist of doing a quilt piece once a month that is 8x11" for nine months and to keep a journal of your experience. at the end of the nine months, you decide what five pieces you are sending them. two of the 2006 pieces were chosen to be in a quilt book, "the Creative Quilting/The Journal Quilt Project," quilt book. the two pieces are on page 161, title: Hi, I am a …., and Healing Hand. they are the first two piece in the picture here.
i also entered a 2007 piece that is call "Brotherman." for the 2007 piece i only had to do one piece that was 17x22" and you had to use three ideas from the quilt journal project quilt book. the two pieces from the book and the 2007 piece are still on tour with the international quilt festival. i am trying to decide if i am going to do the 2008 journal quilt, that is due by the end of august. i know what i want, but just have not decided how to do it. it is a beautiful picture i took on a trip last year.