Thursday, June 26, 2008

challenge quilts

Saturday was fun at the community rec center. The quilts looked gorgeous hanging on the clothes lines. The quilts challenge went great. Gwen won the peoples choice for the challenge quilt. Among our quilt group, we all had to guess who made what quilt. Gwen’s quilt had thousands of bead work on her quilt. So we all new it was her quilt with the bead work, since she likes to do bead work. People seem to know,my work and Gwen’s work. We have a style that everyone knows.

I had a few people thinking that I made the quilt with the lady, because there were a lot of hand work done on this piece and they knew that most of the time I like to do hand work vs machine work. my quilt is the one in the middle. people also thought that the quilt on the other side might be mine also. but everyone did pick mine as being my quilt. we also did a block exchange and only three of us completed our block exchange quilt. we exchange dress blocks. with my quilt i added shoes to the quilt.

here we have gwen's, charlene and my quilt hanging so beautifully.

i love these dresses, i just wish everyone had finished their dresses. just the fact that i know they are all going to be different, i can't wait to see the rest of the dresses when they are finish. here are a few pictures of some of the challenge quilts.

here are some of 2006 and 2007 challenge quilts that we also showed this weekend.

it was a fun day.


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Kelli Simone said...

The quilts are beautiful. Looks like it was a fabulous show. ~ksp

Niki said...
Would love 2 have u join us!

Kyra said...

Hello! So glad to visit your blog!! Thank you for stopping by the Black Threads blog! Like the blocks with the ladies - I've been thinking about designing a Michelle Obama block - hmmm.

Best, Kyra