Sunday, July 6, 2008

pink is not my color

pink is not my color. here is a peek of what i am working on. pink is one color that i do not know how to match with other colors. i though white was a color that i don't like, but now i can add pink to that list. i have been busy working on this quilt for my cousin, who is having a baby girl. i had pink charm squares that were given to me years ago and just didn't know what colors to add to it. i love bold bright colors and pink is not on that list. my favorite color is black, i know that is not a bright color, but i love it. black is just about always somwhere in my work. i always have Michael Miller Jet Black in my house. now that i am thinking about it, it is time for me to make another order of this fabric. i have been working on this quilt for a week and i am almost finish. no black fabric added to this quilt, which was hard for me. when it is complete i will post a full view of the quilt.

and to those of you who know my cousin, please don't tell her this is for her. you all know i don't make baby quilts any more, specially with pink.



Kelli Simone said...

so this is the infamous baby quilt... I am not a pink person either...but those fabrics look very nice. I also think, depending on the shade, pink goes with almost everything. I just finished a pink and brown dutchman's puzzle quilt for a baby girl and I am quite smitten. ~ksp

yetunde said...

girl, that pink drove me crazy. it's coming out nice, but i don't want to see anymore pink again.

Karoda said...

i started a baby quilt years ago for a good friend's first grandchild...he is in kindergarden and the top lays languishing in a box. maybe i'll let myself be motivated by your efforts.

Kyra said...

The colors here do blend well. I haven't made a baby quilt since my 12 year niece was born. It was pink, too!

Best, Kyra

Thanks for the link - just added your to the blog!