Wednesday, July 9, 2008


i finally finished this piece. it's OK for a baby quilt. the entire piece was done by hand. it has hand embroidery baby bottles, strollers, and pregnant woman on the quilt. i know it not a good picture. double click on the picture, sometimes the pictures will enlarge. i am glad i finally finish this. it's time to start something else. this quilt is not me. i don't like pink, or that baby blue that people love to put on babies. give me bright colors. yellows, green, orange and some red. you won't believe it but most of the time i am wear ing dark colors, but i love for my art work to have bright colors. now a couple of years ago i made my niece a baby quilt and it had these cute bright colorful cats on it and she loved it. now that she has seen this one, she loves this one because it is more girly. she has a little girl. i looked at her like she is crazy. i keep telling people i don't do baby quilts. this is the second and last one that anyone will get from me. i don't have time to stress myself out over this.
now let me show you a close up of the completed challenge quilt that was shown at the family day community festival a week before the quilt show. the object of this challenge was for all of us to use the same fabric print and to use all three item that were give to us in a grab bag. well i went completely crazy with mind. i added beads, shells, buttons, keys, batteries, screws and computer parts. i also made this piece reversible. so here is the front and back. hope you like it.

it was fun
almost forget to tell you. i tied in third place at the HANGING BY THE THREAD, III QUILT SHOW, in the art quilt category. peoples choice, for BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS. that is the piece that my friend asked me to add at the last minute. i only entered four and i wanted to enter more, but i got sick when i came back from my trip. i just grabbed anything just to have something in the show. i must say it worked out OK, because i tied in third place with someone else. that's a first for me, when i wasn't even trying. that's all for now.


Karen said...

I especially like the OH BABY on your quilt! Thank you for stopping by my blog, Thats how I found yours! I love your stitching. The challenge quilt is fantastic. I love how you incorporated all the non quilt things into it so well!

yetunde said...

thanks, karen. i love your blog and work.