Sunday, July 20, 2008

just a few

my camera is broke, so i am showing a few quilts that i have made in the pass. "i am not my hair," was a challenge quilt. it was two challenges that i made into one quilt. one was to use the blue fabric and the other challenge was to make a quilt base on the song call, "i am not my hair," by india aires. after this picture was taken india aires, signed the quilt for me at a concert. i love her music.

this quilt was made for my son. it is call "the shield." the shield of warmth, strength and love. i am also making a quilt for my daughter and her husband some what almost like this one, but a little different. once i get the camera fix i will take a picture.

this quilt didn't have a name for sometime. but last year (2007) one of my friends asked if she could lay this quilt on her son's casket. her son was kilt by violence. this quilt is now call the "homecoming."

today is my birthday. don't ask, i am not saying how old these old bones are.




Kelli Simone said...

What beautiful work. Are those adinkra symbols appliqu├ęd? ~ksp

yetunde said...

the middle quilt is all applique and the last one is applique in the middle and the adinkra symbols are stencil with paint using freezer paper.

Karoda said...

I love them all! and how cool that India signed your quilt!!!!

Sandra Hankins said...

Hi Yetunde,

Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog. I love all your work especially "homecoming" and "the shield" I believe I saw your journal quilt at the Long Beach IQF. Where you at that show this past weekend? Sandra aka "Santeena"

yetunde said...

hi sandra,
my real name is also sandra. i have three piece in the journal quilt project. (2006 & 2007). could not make it this year, but i was there last year. i think, i met your friend ann at a 4540 quilting retreat. i also have seen you from somewhere, but can not remember where. i have added you to my list as someone who impress me to keep doing what i love to do.


Mammy's Stitches said...

Hi Yetunde I had to let you know I love your quilts. I truly love the art in making quilts, the history everything about it. Your work is AWESOME and the quilt I am not my Hair lifted me when I first heard after cutting 12 inches of hair to go dread. I have been locked now for 2years and would never go back!
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl........Snatch JOY!