Sunday, January 16, 2011

ok i am back at it.

first i want to thank everyone for their lovely comment about the dolls. the dolls that have the arms and leg made out of coat hanger, that is not my original design. someone that i know made one and i just tried making it myself. now the other dolls are from a book call, cloth doll artistry. the clothes are my own design. i am still working on perfecting this. i need to work on the hands, legs. and mostly try making faces for these dolls.

now someone also asked about the scarves that i helped my niece make. the scarf is my nieces design. their is no pattern. and the direction that you asked about are right. enough said about that and i am not helping her anymore.

ok, i am back, at it and it is because i was surround by my quilting sistah's at guild meeting this weekend.  i gusess by just getting a break from home and work and not think about my personal life for a few hours just got my creative mojo working.   i even took my granddaughter with me and she had a great time and by the end of the guild meeting she was asking if she could join.  we have young girls under14 as members.
so when i got home i started working on the PRINCE piece.  for the past two months i have mess up fabric trying to do other people.  i dropped out of a challenge because i could not do the person that i was trying to do.  my mind was somewhere else.  but now i am back so let me show you what i have been doing,
here is the picture of prince that i was using to get my idea from.

1. shaping the face.

2.working around the eyes and around the frame of the face.

3.  added the eyes, lips and hair.

4,  add his symbol and back ground fabric.  i have not decided as to how i am going to quilt this and whether or not i am going to add a border.  i am going to think on this for a while.

i hope you like it.



Monday, January 3, 2011


i haven't been quilting for about two months.  it is not like i haven't tried, for some reason i just keep messing up fabric.  so i decided my hands into making dolls and i like it.  quilting is still my first love, but for some reason my creative flow in not into my quilts.  life is kind of crazy right now for me.  my personal life still have somethings that need solving and that should be cleared up by the end of the month.  so check out my dolls and i hope you like it.

the first three dolls, arms and legs were made from coat hanger's. the other dolls were made by following a book and i added my little changes to it. i am not good at making their cloths. this will be something that i will have to work on. oh i forgot, the hair is real dreadlocks. and no they are not my locs.  the hair was give to me by my locitian.

stitches for now.


happy new year to you and your family!