Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i took the pledge

i join, i took the pledge, this is a group of quilters who pledge to show the progress of their quilts on their blog.  i pledge to show from start to finish of making my quilts.   now this is going to be hard for me because i like to just show you my finish product.  trying to explain is going to be the hard part ,so i hope i can explain clearly so that everyone understand.

so right now i am going to show the quilt that i was working on with the new technique that i was teaching myself from a book.  here is the finish product of the quilt that was in the book.  i like this one better that the one of my cousin with the big hat.  i hope you like it.

now that i made this pledge i will explain what i am now working on.  a friend wants me to make a portrait quilt of her sister.  i usually make the portrait quilt no large than 8" x 11" or 11" x 15".  but once i got the original picture the way i want it on the computer, i realize that i did not want to make this into a small quilt.  i didn't think that i would get a good result if i did it small.  i believe that this portrait will be about 17" x 22".  i hope i can do this and i hope she will like it.  i blew the picture up by tiling the pictures into 4 pieces and taping them together.  my printer will not do tiling and and i don't know how to tile a picture on photoshop element.  so here is a picture of the four pieces taped together. i use to outline the different gray scales, but since i have done so many of these i don't have to outline the grayscaling any more.  this picture is just grayscale to number 2 level.  not like some of other portraits that were level 4 grayscale.  i have not decided what color i am going to make this portrait.  check back next week and i will show you what i have done and also about the cookout at my house for the quilting bee that i am in.   here is the picture that i am working on.
stitches for now


Monday, August 16, 2010

ok, here is the new portrait technique that i am trying out.  it wasn't to hard to do, but i need more practice.  this is not going to beating me.  i didn't do the one that was in the book that i was using.  but now i am going to go back and do the picture that is in the book and see how i do.    i am working on a quilt for my bed and i am doing it all by hand.  now you know that is not me but i need a quilt for my bed and i am not going to buy one.  so wish me luck.  i will show that one later.  i am trying to decide if i am going to machine quilt it or hand quilt it.
making is short