Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i took the pledge

i join, i took the pledge, this is a group of quilters who pledge to show the progress of their quilts on their blog.  i pledge to show from start to finish of making my quilts.   now this is going to be hard for me because i like to just show you my finish product.  trying to explain is going to be the hard part ,so i hope i can explain clearly so that everyone understand.

so right now i am going to show the quilt that i was working on with the new technique that i was teaching myself from a book.  here is the finish product of the quilt that was in the book.  i like this one better that the one of my cousin with the big hat.  i hope you like it.

now that i made this pledge i will explain what i am now working on.  a friend wants me to make a portrait quilt of her sister.  i usually make the portrait quilt no large than 8" x 11" or 11" x 15".  but once i got the original picture the way i want it on the computer, i realize that i did not want to make this into a small quilt.  i didn't think that i would get a good result if i did it small.  i believe that this portrait will be about 17" x 22".  i hope i can do this and i hope she will like it.  i blew the picture up by tiling the pictures into 4 pieces and taping them together.  my printer will not do tiling and and i don't know how to tile a picture on photoshop element.  so here is a picture of the four pieces taped together. i use to outline the different gray scales, but since i have done so many of these i don't have to outline the grayscaling any more.  this picture is just grayscale to number 2 level.  not like some of other portraits that were level 4 grayscale.  i have not decided what color i am going to make this portrait.  check back next week and i will show you what i have done and also about the cookout at my house for the quilting bee that i am in.   here is the picture that i am working on.
stitches for now



Lynn said...

Your top quilt is stunning! Such a beautiful work of art it is!
And you did a fine job of explaining your process so far. I know there is much more that goes into making such a portrait quilt, but you could simply direct others a book that explains it as it would be way too much to write in one blog post. I know I have tired! ;-)
I think the next portrait will be fabulous in a large size too. Great job of piecing the four pieces together.

Marjorie said...

I recently discovered that Kinko's (copy center) has an enlarger machine that prints on 36" wide paper. Here's my post on how I made a 60x70ish pattern from a photo (for when you're ready to really go big)


yetunde said...

thanks ladies for your comments. marjorie, i went to kinko's and 4 large copies came to about $100 and something and i don't want to do that again and all i am doing is cutting up the copies that i have enlarge.

Carol said...

The colors in the photo of the woman are just so soft and feminine. She's a beautiful lady. Thanks for sharing.

Marjorie said...

Wow! I paid about $5 for the single 36" print. I was paranoid though and kept asking the gal who was helping me about price when she suggested the enlarger instead of the 11x18 enlargements I was printing on the regular machine.

yetunde said...

i was also paying $5 last year and now all of a sudden it was abut $35 a sheet. i just don't understand it. i question it, and they act like it was alway $35. this is maryland, so i went back to dc and now they are also $35. if i am using their giant copy machine they can blow the picture up to 400or 600 per cent. to me that is alot of money to be cutting up.

Margreth said...

I'm happy to find you as a follower at my blogg. Thank you!
Your quilts really are fantastic!

Marjorie said...

Road trip to West Virginia???

Squares and triangles said...

How in the world do you make these? So beautiful!

yetunde said...

the technique is by maria elkins. she has a dvd that teaches this technique. she does the level 4 grayscaling. i like to try to do the level 2 grayscale or level 3.

Dee J. said...

I love your pieces. Maria Elkins is one of my inspirations in making fabric portraits also. I took a class with Marilyn Belford at Quilt University last year and find their techniques are similar, although Elkins has three levels of creating these quilts.
My pc used to do the tiling when I printed out portraits, but with my new MAc I can't do it either. Here in our small town, it cost me $3.00 at the local Pirme Copy to blow up a pic. The one I'm currently working on is 24 x 30. I will be posting more about this as I begin working on the new piece.
Photoshop Elements is currently a program I'm learning. A friend said if I can use IPhoto, I shouldn't have much trouble with Elements, but still it takes some dedicated time to figure out what is what. Saw a book on Amazon about using Elements with digital pieces. Think I'll order it soon.
I really admire your work.