Saturday, June 27, 2009


This is for Linda, about a week ago, linda asked me where do i get my inspiration to quilt. and the explanation that i gave her, i don't know if she understood what i was trying to tell her. i realize that i get my inspiration from life. what i see around me. just seeing what is around me gives me inspiration to quilt. i get my ideas from just looking at things, sometimes ideas come from dreams. i am just coming back from a trip and while i was on the train i was looking out the window and looking at the trees. i love looking at trees in the fall because of all the different colors of the trees. but i never realize that when i look at the trees, i don't see to many flowers. but on this trip all the trees were green and i was wondering where are all the flowers. and the next thing i know i am thinking about making a quilt with flowers and trying to work threadplay into this quilt. i also get my inspiration from other quilters. i love quilt shows and i love seeing other quilter's work on the Internet. seeing their work inspire me to try things, or try things another way that i am already working on. the inspiration to make this quilt was inspired my you linda, because the whole time that i was working on this i was think about the question you asked me and this quilt is call INSPIRATION.