Wednesday, September 15, 2010


the Bob Marley quilt was used by using the "PHOTO-INSPIRED ART QUILTS: From Composition to finished Piece", book.  i took a class from Bisa Butler at a retreat several months ago on this same technique but using different types of fabric to give it a different look.  i just needed the book to give me a little more understanding of what i was doing.  the other technique i use is by Maria Elkins, she has a DVD that she is selling to teach her technique.  you can find her on the Internet.

the Bob Marley is a picture from a t-shirt.  my old t-shirt has bob marley with a black background. but i saw this one in a store and took a picture of it with my phone and enlarge the picture. 

someone asked what type of fusible web i was using and i am still trying to find the right one for me.  i like to use ulltra heat n bond because it give me a sharp smooth cut. but what i don't like about it is, that it makes the quilt very stiff from the fabric layers that i use.  steam n seam give me the feel i want but not the sharpness. so i am still playing with that.  so i hope that i answered every ones questions.  i am a work, still sick and can't wait until lunch timesoi can take a nap.  friday i am taking the day off and going to my cousin's beach house and i hope i can get some rest there.



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i have a cold

yes, i have a very bad cold.  i went to the doctor and the medicine is just not working fast enough for me.  so i am just going to show pictures.
i hope you like.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

bob marley

that's right i am working on a bob marley piece.  at first i started to trace the picture to get my pattern that i wanted to work on. but i change my mind and cut directly from the picture.  so i had to print a couple copies of the picture.  the fabric was fused and the fabric was temporaryly adhesive to the picture.  i cut out the different shades of the picture.  all most just like the other technique that i do.  i posterize the picture, and i did not grayscale the picture.  i left the picture just as it is and posterize it in color and just cut out the different shades.
i use a light box to help me lay the pieces in it right place by having a picture on top of the light box.  here is what i have done so far. 
check me out later. it is late and i have to go to work in the  morning.

stitches for now


finishing up

after i start working on this piece, i realise that this one is going to be a hard one to work on.  there are a lot of tiny little pieces that i could not cut out the way i wanted to.  i don;t like the out come of her mouth or eyes.  i am going to try the other technique where i will use a verity of colors.  the quilting of this piece was very easy to use this time sense i you steam -n- seam 2 lite.  i like heat n bond,  it gives a sharper cut with the fabric.  it doesn't fray as much when i use heat n bond.   the problem with heat n bond is that it is a little harder to quilt with the heat n bond.  right now i am using the steam n seam.  so here is my final result of this quilt. i hope you like it, because i don't. 

stitches for now