Tuesday, September 7, 2010

bob marley

that's right i am working on a bob marley piece.  at first i started to trace the picture to get my pattern that i wanted to work on. but i change my mind and cut directly from the picture.  so i had to print a couple copies of the picture.  the fabric was fused and the fabric was temporaryly adhesive to the picture.  i cut out the different shades of the picture.  all most just like the other technique that i do.  i posterize the picture, and i did not grayscale the picture.  i left the picture just as it is and posterize it in color and just cut out the different shades.
i use a light box to help me lay the pieces in it right place by having a picture on top of the light box.  here is what i have done so far. 
check me out later. it is late and i have to go to work in the  morning.

stitches for now



Marjorie said...

Simply Amazing.

Margreth said...

You must be a great artist! I'm impressed!

Dee J. said...

Yetunde, Do you use photoshop elements to posterize your pictures. I am finding it difficult to do posterizing with IPhoto, and I haven't started working with elements yet. With my old PC, the HP Photo program did a great job of posterizing and also of enlarging the pics for me. I find I'm a little disappointed with the MAC in this area.

I think your Marley is going to be really nice. I love the fabrics you've chosen.

yetunde said...

thank you all for your comments. dee j, yes i use photoshop element 8. i will have to check out may hp printer to see if i can print my pictures larger. if i could not posterize these picuture i couldn't do these. someone asked me what book i use and right now i can not find the book, but i will post the name of the book later.

Stephanie said...

this is nice! love it. Steph