Friday, December 27, 2013


well i finally finish mandela, but i have not completed the book.  i feel that this piece has helped me to start quilting more.  since i do have 10 quilting blocks to make to swap in april.  i don't know what i am going to make for this swap.  so here is the completed piece.  i add a quote by mandela.

here i am adding the words
finished putting the words now i just need to add the border

i hope you like.
i also would like to say i wish everyone a peaceful and happy new year.  and hope to here more from me.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


I know, long time hearing from me.  while I was listening to my audible book on Mandela I decided to try my hands on making him.  here are pictures of my progress so far.


I think he looks like Mohammad Ali.  I am going to cut the brown back ground out and us a different back ground and then have one of his quote on the side (EDUCATION IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON YOU CAN CHOOSE TO CHANGE THE WORLD!)  NELSON MANDELA
to my dc and Maryland friends anybody have any lettering template I can use to make this quote.  and I also have to get some fusible web to make the lettering. 

stitches for now


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

adding hair

ok, i know it took me a while to do her hair. so here are some pictures of me working on her hair. i had to be in the mood to do her hair and i guess being at home with the snow got me in the mood to try and do her hair. so check it out. i hope you like it.
 what i have done here was to cut out the hair and her ear, what i do is layer the fabric on top of each other to make the hair.  the different shades of grays form the hair.

 i also added her earring and add a binding. now all i have to do is finish the binding. 
stitches for now

Friday, February 15, 2013

yes, it's toni morrison

yes, this is toni morrison, one of many authors that i truly enjoy reading.  i just want to let you know that it will be a while before i complete her.  i don't have the right color fabric for her hair yet.   i hope to find something in a couple of days.

stitches for now


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

can u guess

hi it's me again.  for black history can you guess who this woman is.  born february 18, 1931, birth name chole ardelia wofford.  she is a writer, editor and a professor.  come back  in a couple of days and i  will show and tell you who she is.

i will post as i work on it.  got to go.

stitches for now


Monday, February 11, 2013


what's love got to do with it.  in 2012 for some reason i only made three quilts.  one of them was a portrait quilts, where the couple decide they didn't want it because it was to close to the holiday.  so i did not finish it,  two were baby quilts and i have no pictures of them.  there were many times i have tried to do a portrait, i  just did not like the look of the portrait quilt.  so the next best thing i did,  to keep my hands busy was to knit.  something that i was doing before i started quilting.  there were mini workshops that i did make little quilts, but no pictures. 
well a couple of days ago my friend marlene called to ask for my open about how to do a quilt. the quilt was paper piecing.  i hate paper piecing.  i always waste fabric. i was trying to tell marlene how to do it.  she had done paper piecing before but for some reason it was just not coming back to her right now. the next thing i know i am doing the quilt piece by piece and sending her pictures and talking to her on the phone about how i did it.  marlene sent me a picture of how her piece is looking and i love it.  it is so different from mine and that is what i love about it.  i kind of like making letter paper piecing.  i want to make a a paper piece that says LOVE NOT WAR.  
i want to thank marlene for getting my creative juices going.