Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a few more

camera is still broke, so i will just show a few more of my old quilts. this first piece is raw edge applique'. i consider myself a hand quilter. this quilt was made by machine because at the time, i was having problems with my hands. this is call "healing hands #2". there is bead work on this piece which was done by hand and i suffer from it in the end. but when you love something so much, you deal with the pain. this is not a good picture of showing the bead work. there are beads on some of the hands, her neck, and breast. this next piece is my black history crazy quilt. done all by hand. it was fun not doing a piece that had to be square. the hand quilting stitching was fun to put on this piece. this third piece that i am showing is one piece that i know i will never let go. every time that i look at this piece, i remember when i started quilting, this piece it represent Juneteenth day. which is celebrated in June for the last slaves set free. one day i went to a juneteenth festival and there were some quilter there selling their quilts. they were also teaching people to make a nine patch block. i tried it and i was hooked. one of the lady's knew me and said, i know you can do this. i went home that night and made my first quilt. my first quilt was a mess, but i kept at it. this piece is a larger virgin of my june
journal piece that i made in 2006, without the quilt block in the left hand corner and a border added to this piece. i just love this piece. the middle piece is a whole cloth, that i drew a slave onto the fabric. machine stitched around the slave and then hand embroidery around the slave and the border piece. i also used colored prima pencils to color the slave. sometime i can draw pretty good and then there are days when i can't draw for nothing. their is a piece that i want to try to make now base on slavery or the election, but i can't seem to draw what i want. i am going to keep at it until i get it.
so stitches for now.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

just a few

my camera is broke, so i am showing a few quilts that i have made in the pass. "i am not my hair," was a challenge quilt. it was two challenges that i made into one quilt. one was to use the blue fabric and the other challenge was to make a quilt base on the song call, "i am not my hair," by india aires. after this picture was taken india aires, signed the quilt for me at a concert. i love her music.

this quilt was made for my son. it is call "the shield." the shield of warmth, strength and love. i am also making a quilt for my daughter and her husband some what almost like this one, but a little different. once i get the camera fix i will take a picture.

this quilt didn't have a name for sometime. but last year (2007) one of my friends asked if she could lay this quilt on her son's casket. her son was kilt by violence. this quilt is now call the "homecoming."

today is my birthday. don't ask, i am not saying how old these old bones are.



Wednesday, July 9, 2008


i finally finished this piece. it's OK for a baby quilt. the entire piece was done by hand. it has hand embroidery baby bottles, strollers, and pregnant woman on the quilt. i know it not a good picture. double click on the picture, sometimes the pictures will enlarge. i am glad i finally finish this. it's time to start something else. this quilt is not me. i don't like pink, or that baby blue that people love to put on babies. give me bright colors. yellows, green, orange and some red. you won't believe it but most of the time i am wear ing dark colors, but i love for my art work to have bright colors. now a couple of years ago i made my niece a baby quilt and it had these cute bright colorful cats on it and she loved it. now that she has seen this one, she loves this one because it is more girly. she has a little girl. i looked at her like she is crazy. i keep telling people i don't do baby quilts. this is the second and last one that anyone will get from me. i don't have time to stress myself out over this.
now let me show you a close up of the completed challenge quilt that was shown at the family day community festival a week before the quilt show. the object of this challenge was for all of us to use the same fabric print and to use all three item that were give to us in a grab bag. well i went completely crazy with mind. i added beads, shells, buttons, keys, batteries, screws and computer parts. i also made this piece reversible. so here is the front and back. hope you like it.

it was fun
almost forget to tell you. i tied in third place at the HANGING BY THE THREAD, III QUILT SHOW, in the art quilt category. peoples choice, for BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS. that is the piece that my friend asked me to add at the last minute. i only entered four and i wanted to enter more, but i got sick when i came back from my trip. i just grabbed anything just to have something in the show. i must say it worked out OK, because i tied in third place with someone else. that's a first for me, when i wasn't even trying. that's all for now.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

pink is not my color

pink is not my color. here is a peek of what i am working on. pink is one color that i do not know how to match with other colors. i though white was a color that i don't like, but now i can add pink to that list. i have been busy working on this quilt for my cousin, who is having a baby girl. i had pink charm squares that were given to me years ago and just didn't know what colors to add to it. i love bold bright colors and pink is not on that list. my favorite color is black, i know that is not a bright color, but i love it. black is just about always somwhere in my work. i always have Michael Miller Jet Black in my house. now that i am thinking about it, it is time for me to make another order of this fabric. i have been working on this quilt for a week and i am almost finish. no black fabric added to this quilt, which was hard for me. when it is complete i will post a full view of the quilt.

and to those of you who know my cousin, please don't tell her this is for her. you all know i don't make baby quilts any more, specially with pink.