Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the skirt

LOL when i saw carol's coment in the last post, i had to LOL.  girl i started to post  a picture of the skirt.  i was just to lazy to take a picture.  one reason i didn't post the clothes because i thought people would rather see quilts. someone else also ask me why i didn't show the skirt.  the pattern is call "stella strip skirt"  no. 103, by serendipity studio.  their web address is  i made the skirt long. the pattern looked hard to me, but it was quite easy.  so here it is and also a picture the top that i made that is to big.



carol, you are right i did take the pledge to show the steps of my work and i will.   

busy, busy bee

i have been busy.  for some reason i have been making clothes.  just because i quilt people think that i can make clothes.  if you need a buttonhold or a zipper put in you are out of luck.  a friend came by and wanted me to paint a design on a outfit of hers because she felt that it was to plan looking.  i gave her the paint and showed her how to do it.  i was not going to mess up her outfit.   it was a mess, but lucky enough we were about to wash it out.  in the meantime she decided to buy some small pieces that i had hanging on the wall to sew on the back of her jacket.  after we got her jacket looking good, i was like why didn't i think of doing that.  the next day i was using some ugly fabric that i brought from a ugly fabric auction that wasn't cotton am made me a outfit using black fabric and mudcloth.  i plan to add some shells onto the outfit.  the outfit is to big and it will be taken in some.  i didn't use a pattern.  i also made a pleated skirt from the jello roll strips.  the pattern was from a quilt show that i went to.   i was scared to death of making it, i am not good at following pattern direction. it came out pretty nice.

now as far as the quilting goes, i had made a comment on a quilting site that i was bored and didn't have anything to quilt.  you know what happen, friends ask me to make them a portrait quilt.  now i have three pieces that need to be completed by november. and racheal clark, a quilter from California also asked me to make some portraits of her grandchildren.  i don't do commission quilts.  but this time i am making these because i am bored.  i don't like for people to wait for me to finish something.  if i am in the mood to make something i will, but if i am not in the mood it is know telling when a person will get something from me.
i have been trying to do the portraits with the different colors and i have been having problems with the skin tone.  i didn't like the pieces that i made.  i am still working on that.

so here is a portrait of a friend's mother, for her mother's birthday that is next month. my friend tried to make it herself and couldn't make.  when she comes into town i am going to take time to show her how to make these.
i have not quilted it yet but i will be finish by november.

stitches for now


Thursday, October 7, 2010

1.6 million African American Quilters

1.6 Million African American Quilters check out Kyra Hicks new book.  she talks about the statistics of how many African American do quilt and are quilters. the fact that we do spend money on quilting.  she also give you a list of African American guilds, quilting books by African American and a whole list of African American quilter who have websites and blogs on the Internet.  Kyra also added 6 quilting blocks by Francine Haskins.  for this book to be so little it is full of great information about us that i didn't know.  i enjoyed the book it was very easy to understand and read.  check it out.  also this blog is mention in her book.