Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the skirt

LOL when i saw carol's coment in the last post, i had to LOL.  girl i started to post  a picture of the skirt.  i was just to lazy to take a picture.  one reason i didn't post the clothes because i thought people would rather see quilts. someone else also ask me why i didn't show the skirt.  the pattern is call "stella strip skirt"  no. 103, by serendipity studio.  their web address is  i made the skirt long. the pattern looked hard to me, but it was quite easy.  so here it is and also a picture the top that i made that is to big.



carol, you are right i did take the pledge to show the steps of my work and i will.   


Carol said...

Thanks Sistah, I just love the skirt, but could not imagine it on "all this" LOL. It is really quite smart and the top is quite basic and expensive looking. Thanks for the inspiration.

Karoda said...

I'm digging the skirt but like Carol I'm wondering how it would spread on "all this". Is that real mud cloth on the top?

yetunde said...

well my friends like the skirt on me. and a few of them are planing to also make the skirt. now for the top, yes, all the pieces on the top are real mudcloth. i am not to crazy about the top, but do love the skirt.

Lynn said...

I love wearable art and this sure qualifies!!! Bravo on the skirt and the top.