Wednesday, March 4, 2009

blog is a plus

well i got a offer from a friend who reads my blog and she wants me to teach a workshop. her guild is having a retreat in 2010 and she wants to suggest that i teach a workshop. the thing is that i am so surprise that she is asking me. she said that i can give her an answer in a couple of months. and they are also willing to pay me a nice little fee. she also gave me good information on how to build a resume up on being a instructor. she had heard that i had done two workshops on fabric postcards and that the students enjoyed the workshop. well the first class, i was scared as hell. but the second time that i did the workshop, i knew what i needed to improve in and the workshop was much more fun. just to let you know it is not going to be another fabric postcard workshop. it is either going to be thread play or applique workshop. all i have to do is let her know. the reason that i don't want to do the postcards is because i am tried of making them. within the last year/half, i have made also 200 postcards. i have only about a hand full of pictures of the cards that i have made. most of the cards were made for service man and woman who were in military hospitals. i had friends and coworkers write on the back of the cards and they were sent to military hospitals to be given out, this was a couple of years ago. i also were in a couple of fabric postcard swaps. and right now it is time for me to move on to something else. i have given other workshops at the quilting bee that i am in, so maybe i can practice my workshop skill on them and see how i do before i give her an answer.

since i have had this blog their have been offers and suggestion from people who i have never thought would take time to even look at my blog. i would like to thank everyone who take a step into my messy blog. i have finally reached over the 4000 readers, reading my blog. THANK YOU AGAIN, AND I HOPE YOU CONTINUE VISITING ME.