Sunday, December 4, 2011

more zen gifts

well, i am making more gifts.  my back is feeling a little better, so i trying my hand at machine quilting.  i am drawing zentangle on fabric and then i am making them into small little purses.  someone at my guild had did a workshop on making them and i can not find the instructions that were give out so i am making them from memory.  i was doing something else when the person was doing the workshop.  they are a little different from the ones they made at the guild.  here's a picture of what i made.
 not a good picture.

a couple of weeks back at wee bee quilter's group we had a jellyroll race and i came in second place. first person who finish first will win a roll of jellyroll fabric.  i was really surprise that i came in second place.  i won a small jellyroll.  gwen came in first place, it was fun doing this.  this was the second time since i had been at a sewing machine since my problem with my back.  while we were doing the race a couple of time i thought about stopping.  i felt my back getting a little stiff, charlene who was in charge of the race gave us a 10 minute break and that helped and then we started again.  later gwen shouted out first and then i shouted out 15 minutes later that i was finish, that was the longest 15 minute, it felt like a hour.  i thought my back would be sore the next day by lugging the sewing machine around, but i was ok.  here is a pictues of what we did.  

i am the one hiding my face and gwen is the one in the middle.  my other pictures are on my ipad, and i am still learning how to use it.  don't know how to transfer pictures yet.  i am using my laptop right now. 
 so i am going to says,

stitches for now.

i am going to go play on my ipad.
so stitches for now again.