Tuesday, July 21, 2009

this is what i have been doing

twisted sister thread painting challenge

well i had to get a new laptop. the old laptop crashed again. so while i didn't have a computer for a couple of weeks, this is what i have been doing. i made a quilt for my niece. a quilt pattern call twisted sister. i am not good at following patterns but this came out pretty good. and i used a long arm quilting machine to do the quilting. and i loved it, i can not wait to make a larger quilts to quilt on the long arm machine.

i also completed the thread painting mask, i was working on. i had fun doing that. during this time i also practice doing machine quilting stitches. like the feather stitch on a quilt, which i am still have problems try to get perfect. i want to practice quilting patterns so that when i work on the long arm, i will feel comfortable working on it. while working on the long arm, i saw things that i needed to improve on. so i just want to practice, practice doing pattern for the long arm quilting.

while i was at my family Reunion, i had a friend submitted a quilt for me, in a quilt challenge in the family day community festival. this is a festival that the quilting bee that i am in participate in. it is a quilt challenge and the community vote for the best. my quilt won first place. the theme for this challenge was music. i did tons of bead work on this piece. my husband told me that i better not sell this one.

a friend of a friend ask me if i would put some of my quilts into their quilt show that they are having next friday at their church. this will be their second quilt show. they are a small quilting bee and they would like to have a couple of art quilt on display. they are more traditional quilters. and she want something a little more different from what they do. if you are in the dc area come by Union Temple Baptist church on W street se. friday july 31, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. i have never seen any of their work so i don't know what to expect. i was told that they are a beginner iwho also sew in this group. so if you have time stop on by and give these ladies some encouragement.