Sunday, January 16, 2011

ok i am back at it.

first i want to thank everyone for their lovely comment about the dolls. the dolls that have the arms and leg made out of coat hanger, that is not my original design. someone that i know made one and i just tried making it myself. now the other dolls are from a book call, cloth doll artistry. the clothes are my own design. i am still working on perfecting this. i need to work on the hands, legs. and mostly try making faces for these dolls.

now someone also asked about the scarves that i helped my niece make. the scarf is my nieces design. their is no pattern. and the direction that you asked about are right. enough said about that and i am not helping her anymore.

ok, i am back, at it and it is because i was surround by my quilting sistah's at guild meeting this weekend.  i gusess by just getting a break from home and work and not think about my personal life for a few hours just got my creative mojo working.   i even took my granddaughter with me and she had a great time and by the end of the guild meeting she was asking if she could join.  we have young girls under14 as members.
so when i got home i started working on the PRINCE piece.  for the past two months i have mess up fabric trying to do other people.  i dropped out of a challenge because i could not do the person that i was trying to do.  my mind was somewhere else.  but now i am back so let me show you what i have been doing,
here is the picture of prince that i was using to get my idea from.

1. shaping the face.

2.working around the eyes and around the frame of the face.

3.  added the eyes, lips and hair.

4,  add his symbol and back ground fabric.  i have not decided as to how i am going to quilt this and whether or not i am going to add a border.  i am going to think on this for a while.

i hope you like it.




creativedawn said...

OH my goodness! That is awesome and he is one of my favorite artist!!! Awesome piece. You are VERY TALENTED!!!

glad you've got your mojo back!

very big grin

Margreth said...

Welcome really show us your talent in this picture.

Mary said...

Oh, my! You have done it again. I am constantly amazed at your talent with portraits. You are such a talented lady. Don't let the rest of the world pull you down and get into your creative spirit. It is glorious.

Trish Williams said...

He's as fine as always and I'm glad that your back. Thank so very much for sharing your art and yourself with us.

Laurie said...

Yetunde, Love it!! And love Prince. How big is it and did you embellish it at all? I'm glad you got your groove back!! lol

Mary Ann Tate said...

It's looking are a very talented fabric artist ...just fabulous.

Sherise Marie Wright said...

Your quilt is awesome and the detail is great. Your talent and time shows in your work. Keep up the great quilting!

Karoda said...

Hey! Great to read that you're back and wonderful to see the work in progress! Your quilt looks better than the photo :) keep on keeping on!

Felicia said...

You know I love your Prince. I will have to take a day at your house to try this. O.K. it is time for you to post something in your blog. Get to it girl.

deColourant said...

Wow! We have all been sitting in the office trying to figure out how you make these quilts. Are you using a dye on the fabric and doing it freehand? They are great. We just became a follower of your blog and thought you might want to do the same at
It removes and replaces the color of natural dyed fabrics with ease. Hope to talk to you soon and have a great afternoon!

Cyntha said...

I love it!!! Prince! You did a great job!!