Monday, June 16, 2008

enough is enough

i was reading another blog, and the quilter stated when is enough, enough. she stated that she had made a quilt a couple of years ago and it was missing something. and she kept playing with it for a couple of years. i like her final outcome. well i did the same thing and i still don't like it.
the back ground fabric was hand quilted with a sun and a hut. but it seem to me that was not enough. so i started coloring the hut and the sun. but no i has to go and add another hut and hundreds of beads to the sun and the huts. that still wasn't enough for me to stop and say enough is enough. i marked the ground area with color pencils to make it look like dirt and dry grass. it is a total mess. i totally hate it now. i am trying to think of somehow to fix this. the bead work is ok but i don't like the body of the huts. i should have applique the huts. someone asked to buy it and me like a dummy said i wasn't finish yet. it should have been enough and sold. i am trying to think of a way to put real dirt on this piece for the ground area and just leave the huts alone.
but for right now i am going to just leave this piece alone. i have told myself that i am going to finish everything that i start this years. this is what i am pushing myself to do this year.
i finished the piece with the girl in the orange dress. the family reunion is thrown to the side again. i am just not feeling that piece. my challenge piece is finish. i will post that hopefully friday or saturday. the space alien brothers piece is almost complete. the only problem is, i need is to get some heat in my sewing room. the air conditioner has that room freezing cold. my bones are killing me. the weather is hot as hell outside, but my husband is freezing me up in this house. i am sewing in the sun room, sewing by hand. just so that i can get some heat on this old body. i will try in a couple of days to go backing to my sewing room. so enough is enough.


Karoda said...

hi yetunde, my name is karen but i sign my quilts as karoda and my blog is Seamless Skin...i just wanted to weigh in on this quilt because i really like what you've done with the hand stitching of the huts and the really brings more life to the people.

as for adding real about mixing dirt with a textile medium and maybe add some pearl-ex pigment to give the dirt a little sheen?


yetunde said...

thanks for the advise, i am going to try it. i am going to wait until after this month is over since i have so much to do for the next two weeks.

i love your blog. take care of yourself.



Sandi said...

Yetude, your beautiful quilt speaks to me and I love it. Evolution takes a long time; your quilt is evolving every time you touch it. Relax and enjoy the rhymic evolution of your quilt. You'll know when enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

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