Tuesday, May 18, 2010

old and new sewing machine

ok, i forgot to tell you that my old faithful Kenmore die on me at the quilting retreat. and a friend let me use their babylock. so for a whole month i have not had a sewing machine to use. just to let you know i have three sewing machines. the Jerome died before i went on the retreat and the embroidery machine, well let's just say that i am scared to death of it. and yes, it is just sitting there looking at me. so now both of the machines are in the shop. i just love my old Kenmore. why oh why did she die on me at a time when i needed her. but guess what i got a babylock quest plus for mother's day. my husband and son brought it for me. i was playing with it yesterday and having a ball. during the whole month that i didn't have a sewing machine to use, i did three more portraits, finish the top of one the quilts that i did at the retreat. and did a little hand quilting. i haven't hand appliqued in two years and i realize you really have to take time in doing this. one of the portrait's i did i didn't like the outcome of it, so i will be doing that one over. and the other two came out nice . i really like the one of my daughter and her husband. i want to do one of my aunt to give to her at out family reunion next month, but no one has sent me a picture of her yet.
i have a pictures that i have in mind to do, but i need permission from the photographer to use his picture. i am hoping that he give me permission. it is a picture of a nude black man. (all in good taste) and i also want to do fabric portrait of black men. that will be my next series of portrait to reach my gold of doing a hundred portraits. i will be taking alot of pictures at the reunion and pictures of men in general, men that i know. wish me luck.

check out what i have been working on,
and stitches for now.


PS: the flower and the last picture were the things that i did at the retreat.
and i still love my kenmore.


Carol said...

Hey Sistah,
In response to your question on my blog about my sewing machine. I do not have a babylock. I have a Janome 6600 and love it very much. I've only seen a babylock serger. Didn't know they made a sewing machine yet. Just love all of your portraits.

jlewisblessing said...

I sent you a email to say how lovely your work is an the one of your daughter and her husband is just awesome.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear that you are not giving up on your Kenmore. I have one that is 32 years old. I absolutely love it and just get fixed every time something happens. They are work horses. BTW, thanks for following my blog. I am adding you to my list. Penny - Livinbluequilter

Lynn said...

First my condolences for sick sewing machines at times of retreat,but it seems there was a good reason for this to happen as it got you a NEW machine as a gift! Good husband and son to gift you so.
You have quite the talent with these portraits. You continue to wow me with your patience and skill in creating them. I know how hard it is as I have tried. And yours look like the people. I don't know the people,but I can tell they are good likenesses nonetheless! ;-)
I'd love to sit at your knee and learn from you first hand.

Laurie said...

How horrible to be w/o a sewing machine!! Did you have withdrawals?? It looks like you are having fun with the portrait quilts. :)

yetunde said...

carol, your machine looks so much like mine.

jlewisblessing thanks, for your comment.

livinblueguilter, you miss the fun at the 54-40. wendy told me about your blog.

and lynn, i had to laugh when you mention sitting at my knee. my grandmother made us sit at her knee when she was quilting and we were bad. if only i had watched her.

Sherise Marie Wright said...

Hello, your quilts are beautiful and inspirational as well. Sorry about your sewing machines because I know the feeling of having a machine breakdown. I am a quilter from Chicago, Illinois.
Happy Quilting!

Ms. Sherise Marie Wright
P.S. Keep up the great work!

Mary said...

Your portraits are amazing and never cease to inspire me. Broke down machine and all. I've got a Pfaff that I would be happy to send you as a replacement. :)