Monday, September 14, 2009

another UFO completed

here is another UFO that i have completed. what i had was some red work patterns that i got from a quilt flea market. i did the pieces with black thread instead of red and didn't know what to do with them. and a couple of weeks ago i had some of my sistah quilter friends over for a cook out and i showed them another unfinish african red work piece i had been working on and was thinking about teaching it at the retreat we had in april. everyone said i should have taught it at the retreat. i didn't think anyone what to do any hand work at the retreat, so i taught thread painting. but now i find out that i was wrong. after listening to them i decide to find my other pieces and complete the quilt and this is what i have. it is call MOTHERLAND.
enjoy stitches,

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Carol said...

I'm so impressed. I love the red/black work. Isn't hand work so gratifying. The patterns are outstanding. I see everyone is playing catchup up at this time in their lives.