Monday, October 5, 2009

my doodling art

last week at work, after i had finished my work, i started doodling on some paper. i realized that it was looking nice. so i thought maybe i could do this on fabric. i photo copy the picture onto photo fabric but the picture was not sharp. so i doodle the picture onto fabric. first i had to try different ink pens to see which pen would not bleed through the fabric. canvas fabric seem to work but i didn't like the fact that the fabric is not smooth looking. so i doodled onto a roll of photo fabric. and it worked ok, but now i have to buy some more photo fabric on a roll and no one seem to carry photo fabric on a roll around here any more. so it looks like i will have to order the roll of fabric. i kind of like doing this so i also did some adinka symbols. now i am try to decide how i am going to quilt this or add some kind of boarder to what i have done so far. i cut the lady out and fuse the lady onto black fabric.


Stephanie (A Ditchin' Time Quilts) said...

Yetunde, I absolutely love your art! You are an amazing artist. My son is at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) hopefully to be an artist, something I always wanted to do. You look like an artist too! I see that you are not far from me! I really want to keep in touch and watch your art so I am going to follow. You are truly an artist that uses quilts to show your art, where I am a quilter before an artist. My quilts are very traditional but have been very envious of artists who can do something different with fabric. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful talent!

My husband laughed when you said your husband helped you name your blog. Given your artistic talent, have you ever shown your quilts at ARTSCAPE in Baltimore?

Stephanie from Columbia Maryland

yetunde said...

i have gone to artscape several time and i keep saying i am going to do this and have not done it yet. one day i will. i am new to driving so getting there i know i will get lost. since everytime when i go with a friend we get lost. i will keep in touch, because i also love your work. i am a dc girl at heart and learning my way around maryland. september makes two years living in maryland and i enjoying it.

Carol said...

Hey Sistah, I knew we had a lot in common when I first started following your blog. I have been doodling while waiting for my floors to be repaired. I picked it up again since I had a lot of idle time on my hand and stresssssss. Wish we could do something together. Your doodling is wonderful. The more you do it the more fill in designs you discover. I also sit and just doodle fill-in designs so when I begin to do a piece I can look to my reference sheets and pull fillers from it. It is good relaxing work.
Love, Carol

Karoda said...

wow! love love love the woman! the doodle is complex which makes her pose very interesting (or is it the other way around?), the complexity of the doodle makes the pose more interesting to me.

hope you find the roll 'cause i'm looking forward to seeing more of these.

thanks for sharing!

yetunde said...

i love doing this so i will just wait and see what else i come up with.


Grace said...

Wow girl! this is beautiful. I love how the different doodles in each area really defines the areas of the body.

I usually make circular zentangles but the use of what I call a goddess image is fantastic. Love, love, love it. Can't wait to see how you finish it.