Monday, September 14, 2009


yesterday i went to a lecture to see faith ringgold, a quilt artist. her work is just beautiful. listening to her made me realize that i was not wrong about how i feel about my quilting. i do not miss one day without working on a quilt. she stated that she has to feel the quilt; she has to have that passion to make it. if i don't have that passion in me, i can't make it. when i had a year to make the slave quilt, that quilt was not in me to make. i did not feel the passion or see a view of how to go about making this quilt. the passion and idea on how to make this quilt did not come to me until four months before it was due. i could see and feel what needed to be done to make this quilt. others had confidence in me and knew that i could make this quilt. but i did not have that passion and confidence to do it. i am the type of person who once have an idea for a quilt and that passion is their, i can complete that quilt in a day or two or less than three weeks. when i made blood on your hands, about the girls kilt by the hands of their mother their was truly a passion in me to make that piece. if it is more than a month, i loss the passion to completing it. but there are times when i will completely stop working on a piece and stare at it for days and try to figure out what is missing and how can i make it better. once i figure out what is missing the passion is even more there for me to get it just the way i want it. and it gets completed. i love quilting so much that a lot of my idea doesn't get made because my passion on how to make something has not come into vision for me. there are quilts out there that i want to make but i just don't know how to make them the way i invision them.

quilting is my passion!




Elle said...


I am so sorry that I didn't get a chance to see her.

Karoda said...

I really hope the opportunity to hear her speak comes my way! Louisville is seldom blessed with someone of her caliber.

yetunde said...

hi, elle, how is everything.

karoda, i know you have met some wonderful people, and i believe you know juanita yeager. i will be taking a class from her next year and i can not wait. i love her work.