Tuesday, September 1, 2009


i finally finished my people are people quilt. i was trying to do the wording by machine and it was really looking crazy. so i did the wording by hand. i truly believe that people are people no matter what color they are. this piece was fun making and i have a few friends who want me to make patterns for them. all i have to do is print the pictures that i drew and explain how i did the people. i don't do eyes, nose or mouth i am not that good at drawing. i would love to learn how to draw more realistic pictures.
here is some good news, a friend sent me a email telling me that roland freeman (author of A Communion of Spirts: African-American Quilter, Preservers, and their stories) was looking for people who made Obama quilt. the congressional black caucus and the mayor's office of dc have asked that the Obama exhitition be extened to the end of september. the show should have ended in july. some of the quilters were not willing to extend their loaner aggreement for another month. and he was looking for about five more quilts to display. so i call and both of my Obama quilts are now in the exhibit. their is one thing i can say about quilters, we do look out for each other.

do you remember these two pieces. of all things i don't think these are my best pieces.

Donnette thanks for tell him about me.



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Carol said...

Hi Sistah, Hope I haven't already posted this comment, since I have trouble remembering my head from my feet sometimes.
Well, I know now why I was attracted to your blogspot since we have a lot in common. I have some cartoon like drawings of children that yours remind me of . I have no idea at all what I am going to do with them. I thought about embroidering them.
Job well done.