Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy Month

The month of june will be a busy month for me. there are three things going on near the end of the month of june, family reunion, family day at the rec, and our guild quilt show. for the family reunion, i am trying to make a quilt for the reunion. family day the quilting bee that i am in, will be exhibiting our quilts at family day and we have a challenge quilt going on also. i just finished my challenge quilt. sorry no pictures of this one until after june 21st. i also have two other quilts that i am making for family day. i hope that i can finish all of these before the 21st.

here is one of the quilts that i am working on. this quilt is hand applique'. the cap is fabric that i used to make the cap look 3D. i don't know if you can see that in this picture. the hair is REAL dreadlocks, that i attached under the cap. and to my friends and family, no i did not cut my locs. i am a hand quilter who sometimes try her hands at machine quilting and with this piece that was not working so i am going to do this entire piece by hand. i am still having some health problems, but i am not going to let this stop me from doing what i love to do.

this next piece is machine raw edge applique' that i am trying to decide how i want the border to look. i want it to be kind of different. i am trying to think of the border with a bright color or something. so right now i am letting my brain rest on it for a couple of days. this piece will be machine quilted with added embellishments.
the family reunion quilt is not coming out the way i want it to be. so that is not going to be worked on until i finish the first two pieces. if the family reunion quilt is not finish in time i can still have my family sign the quilt. the family quilt is a signature quilt that the family will be able to sign their name. i don't like to use white fabric, and i think that is why i don't like this quilt. some of the pieces are white and i am trying to like this quilt and finish it. some of my friends have seen it and like it. i am the one that don't like it. i have to like my work in order for me to finish it. i know what i want, but i just haven't done it.

wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blood on your hands

one of my friends emailed me and told me to make sure that I put, "Blood on your hands," in the quilt show. she said that this quilt truly moved her. i also was moved by this piece, when i was making it. seeing the red paint dripping from my hands made me wonder why it was so easy for this mother to kill her children. where was her family support and why didn't they see that this mother needed help. when my niece was a little girl her babysitter went through the same thing. something inside of her was telling her to kill the children. but her will power was strong enough to keep the children out oF the house until she could get help. IF AT ANYTIME YOU FEEL THAT YOU WANT TO HARM A CHILD PLEASE KNOW THAT THERE IS HELP OUT HERE AND THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONG. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK.

Friday, May 16, 2008

3 makes 4

today is a better day. i have decided what pieces are going into the quilt show for next month. the joker, the mask III, and call me mr. jazz. these are the additional pieces that are chosen.

their is another piece that i would like to add, but i don't know how, i want to add the sleeve to this piece. it is call "blood on your hands," this piece was made in memory of a mother killing her four daughters. the quilt is about 15 inches long and about 36 inches wide. i am trying to decide whether, to do a regular sleeve on the back or to make some hoops to hang from the top of the quilt. i can't seem to decide what to do.

here is a picture of "blood on your hands."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

need to get to work

i am just coming back from a quilting cruise and loved it. second day back in the states i had to call 911 because i was having chest pains and finding it hard to breath. they are saying i have gerd and a slow heart rate. now this chest pain is causing me to not what to sew and that is not me. all i want to do keep still so i don't have to feel the chest pain. next month the guild that i am in is having a quilt show and i have not sent in my quilt pieces yet. i haven't even decided which piece to send. and i have a few pieces to finish. i need to get to work on this. i did pick one and the only reason i pick this one is because i had the measurement for this one. some of the pieces that i want in the show i need to add the sleeve to the quilts.