Wednesday, May 14, 2008

need to get to work

i am just coming back from a quilting cruise and loved it. second day back in the states i had to call 911 because i was having chest pains and finding it hard to breath. they are saying i have gerd and a slow heart rate. now this chest pain is causing me to not what to sew and that is not me. all i want to do keep still so i don't have to feel the chest pain. next month the guild that i am in is having a quilt show and i have not sent in my quilt pieces yet. i haven't even decided which piece to send. and i have a few pieces to finish. i need to get to work on this. i did pick one and the only reason i pick this one is because i had the measurement for this one. some of the pieces that i want in the show i need to add the sleeve to the quilts.

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