Friday, May 16, 2008

3 makes 4

today is a better day. i have decided what pieces are going into the quilt show for next month. the joker, the mask III, and call me mr. jazz. these are the additional pieces that are chosen.

their is another piece that i would like to add, but i don't know how, i want to add the sleeve to this piece. it is call "blood on your hands," this piece was made in memory of a mother killing her four daughters. the quilt is about 15 inches long and about 36 inches wide. i am trying to decide whether, to do a regular sleeve on the back or to make some hoops to hang from the top of the quilt. i can't seem to decide what to do.

here is a picture of "blood on your hands."


Grace said...

I think this piece is a simple one yet so VERY VERY powerful. We really have to go where the voice within take us, don't we?

yetunde said...

that is so true, grace. thanks for your comment.