Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blood on your hands

one of my friends emailed me and told me to make sure that I put, "Blood on your hands," in the quilt show. she said that this quilt truly moved her. i also was moved by this piece, when i was making it. seeing the red paint dripping from my hands made me wonder why it was so easy for this mother to kill her children. where was her family support and why didn't they see that this mother needed help. when my niece was a little girl her babysitter went through the same thing. something inside of her was telling her to kill the children. but her will power was strong enough to keep the children out oF the house until she could get help. IF AT ANYTIME YOU FEEL THAT YOU WANT TO HARM A CHILD PLEASE KNOW THAT THERE IS HELP OUT HERE AND THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONG. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK.