Sunday, August 31, 2008

check it out

in the guild that i am in there are a lot of talented people in this group. there is sandy hassan, margreta silverstone, lawana holland-moore, j jocelyn herbert, and winifred wallace, just to names a few. lawana, winifred and jocelyn are published in "textural rhythms: quilting the jazz traditon," quilt book by carolyn mazloomi. margreta and myself are in the "creative quilting the journal quilt project," book by karey bresenhan'. sandy and margreta are also in private shows, check it out. i just love the bright colors that sandy works with. margreta and winifred are more into fiber art, i love their work. jocelyn, what can i say about jocelyn, i just love her stuff. i guess i love her work because i feel that her work is similar to what i do. i truly feel her work, when i look at her work, i know what she is trying to say. now let me tell you about lawana, i have been following lawana's work from the time i met her at the guild. she is someone who is not afraid to try new things and that is what i like about her. her energy moves me. we also have carol williams who is a long arm quilter and our coordinator and founder of uhuru. without her there would be no uhuru guild. and their is also my friend nadine mills who owns a fabric shop. when you visit her shop their is so much love there. they make you feel as if they have known you for years and that is your first time there. so check it out. there are many talented quilters in this quild so if you are every in the maryland area check us out. Cedar Heights Community Ctr1200 Glen Willow Drive Capitol Heights, MD. we meet on the third saturday of each month.



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Awww! Thank you so much for saying that!