Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, since my soul will not let me be creative, right now, i have decided to try to complete some UFO's that i have laying around here. i know that i am not the only person who have some thrown somewhere in a corner. if i complete a few before the holiday they will be gifts for some lucky family member. i have pieces that have been waiting to be quilted for several years. nice pieces that once i complete the top, i am on to the next. then there are pieces that i look at and say, what the heck was on my mind to do that. i have a UFO that is still in a corner somewhere in my closet that is called, Too Ugly For You. i am still trying to decide what to do with it. there are flowers, african prints, african figures and some more stuff in it. it is just too busy and i don't know what to keep and what to add. i am going to throw that one back in the corner until my creative side tells me what to do. when i look at some of these pieces that i have done several years ago, i see how much i have grown. how i have improved in some things and how some thing's still stay as they are. there is a style that people know i made it. but sometime when i step out the box and do something else they are like, that is not you, but it looks good. here are some pictures of what i am working a UFO, that will be someones gift and a couple of threadplay pieces that i have completed using freezer paper with no hoop. not knowing that i was suppose to use a hoop. the threadplay was kind of fun this time doing it, so after i finish a couple more UFO's i am going to try doing some more threadplay. so check out the picutures, and i will see you later.




Karoda said...

if you're in a completing ufo mood, i've got plenty to send you :)

that little boy is just too cute! what was your technique you used?

yetunde said...

i can only handle what i got, right now. don't know how long this mood is going to last. i have two projects i need to do and just can not do it.

the little boy is my grandson. the picture makes him look older. i trace the out line of his face onto fabric and satin stitch the face and hair. i also used some type of water marker that didn't do what it was suppose to do, or i just did it wrong. i know i did it wrong.

Kyra said...

The image of your grandson is FABULOUS! You should do a How To portrait post!

Best, Kyra

yetunde said...

i will try to do a how to of a portrait. give me a week or two.



Kay said...

i think this iw wonderful because it really looks like him and you really captured his eyes. Keep up the good work ma. oh and when are you and the family going to open a boutique????????