Sunday, August 10, 2008

not my best

come on in. this was one of my UFO's that was thrown in a corner, so watch your step as you come in. there are many more thrown around here. this is not my best work, but work made with lots of love. if it is made by me, you better believe it's made with love. because i love what i do. the reason i know this is not my best is because i know that i can do better. i put this piece together in three weeks, for a coworker that is leaving the country this friday. she has been giving me african print fabric for years. so what i did was completed this piece by adding pictures of her family and coworkers to this piece. i also used fabric that she has been giving me. where i work at people travel oversea alot and some bring me fabric back. if i had more time i would of made something different for her, but was afraid it would not be completed. i have been given mud cloth and fabric that i don't even know what it is. i like to do my best and when i know it is not my best, others seem to still like it anyway. the quilt was given to my coworker at a dinner party yesterday and she loved it. when push for time, i don't do my best. i have a project that needs to be completed by april. i haven't even started on it yet. i just need to draw it and get started. if i keep putting this off, it will not be right. most of the time i am usually one of the first to finish something. i just don't know why i can not start this. i don't know what the problem is. i know what i want. i just need to get started. making my coworker's quilt gave me a reason not to start on this project. now that i don't have anthing to do, what is stoping me now.

let me sleep on it.



Kelli Simone said...

I think your co-worker will like the quilt very much especially with all of the personal touches that you added. It looks vibrant. ~ksp

Anonymous said...

Oh come on... I think you're being too hard on yourself... it's great!! What a nice friend you are... I'm sure she'll love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Lx

Karen said...

It is a wonderful quilt! Made more so by gifting it to someone you care about!